Click to play music as you browse.  confused-muddled-illogical-disoriented.jpgcropped-bunni-caracature300Got an idea and don’t know where to begin? You’ve started writing, have lost your momentum, and need help restarting? You know you’re not a finisher but really want to be? You may need a writing coach.

Included in Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services’ Premium and Deluxe Packages are writing coach services*. B. Graham Simpson, an author in her own right, will be your accountability partner. She will develop a Writing Schedule for you based on the number of chapters in your book, work backwards from your estimated delivery date from the printer, and tell you how long you can spend writing each chapter. As your writing coach, she will hold you accountable for meeting the deadlines for writing your chapters.

*Important: Before agreeing to this service, B. Graham Simpson will assess your writing and time management skills.

“I have no problems ‘bugging’ an author when a due date is approaching. Contact me, and let’s talk about your book.”

Click here to see a slide presentation, “How to Write a Non-fiction Book,” on YouTube.

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