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Behold Ye Writers for the Lord, Writing Workshop Supplemental Workbook, comple­ments Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services’ BOOKBirth Writing Workshop. It teaches some of the basics of writing and publishing a nonfiction book with an emphasis on writing your story. As you read this workbook, it will give you opportunities to put on paper information that will help you see yourself as an author, pull together your writing ideas and write them down, prepare and plan to write using a detailed outline that you will develop, start and/or finish your writing, and turn your manuscripts over to an editor and/or publisher. Everyone has a story to tell, and if your story can help others and, in the process, you create for yourself an added income stream, then why not write it and get it published. The methods and strategies that I outline in this workbook have worked for my clients and for me, and they can give you the start you need to write and finish your book. For sale through eBay. This workbook measures 8.5″ x 11″ and is comb-bound.

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Behold the State I’m In, an allegory, is a novel that chronicles the lives of the Christianson family. God’s presence in the book through His Word and through the main character, Patience, who fights to cleave to Him, opens unfamiliar territory in the story of the migration of many African-Americans northward. The unfolding of Patience’s life—her grim determination to escape the evil of her father’s wife Mumzy, the flowering of her love of God in marriage with Will B. Done, and her confrontation with injustice and cruelty—becomes both a spiritual parable and a profound and enriching glimpse into a human soul.

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Behold the BondA year following his release from prison, after someone confessed to the crimes for which the state charged him, Will B. Done and his wife Patience are the victims of harassment when a vandal threatens their peace through a series of attacks. In addition to this outside threat, inner conflicts test the strength of their marriage bond: Will struggles with a need to contribute more to the household’s finances and to understand why someone had set him up. Thoughts taunt Patience with resentment for her siblings because of their lack of support for Ernest, their sick and aging father who can no longer live alone and moves in with Will and Patience. Moreover, her now adult son, Rock, grieves for a connection with My Baby’s Father, Rock’s birth parent who has been missing from his life since he was eight years old. Behold the Bond promises to touch a place in your heart and cause you to examine the quality of your relationships with family, friends, associates, and God and, if they fall short, to align them with the Word of God

Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh, 21 Century edition

***Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh is undergoing revision. A new edition is underway.***

Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh, 21st Century Edition, encourages the single Christian who is contemplating marriage to wait on God with patience. The book allows you to examine overcoming and victorious experiences from the author’s life as she recovered from being widowed at an early age, raised her son, and grew emotionally and spiritually so God could use her in a marital state. Her books, Behold the State I’m In and Behold the Bond, show the principles in this book.

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“If you know me, you know that I always have copies of my books in the trunk of my car. (What self-respecting author doesn’t?) But if you don’t know me personally, you can also purchase paperback copies of Behold the State I’m In and Behold Ye Writers for the Lord by visiting the From the Heart Church Ministries Bookstore.  A great big “Thank you!” goes out to Bishop John A. Cherry, II (my pastor), to the From the Heart Bookstore manager, and to everyone at From the Heart Church Ministries who made this happen!”

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