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God Never Wastes A Struggle, Book Two

A Powerful Collaboration of 10 Authors, including B. Graham Simpson, that demonstrates God's Power and Grace.


Behold Ye Writers for the Lord

Writing Workbook to aid writers in starting and finishing their writing projects.


Behold the State I’m In

Meet the Christiansons in this Christian allegory in which Patience Christianson, the daughter of a sharecropper in The Sticks, marries Will B. Done, a preacher in The Big City.


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Behold the Bond

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Behold the BondA year following his release from prison, after someone confessed to the crimes for which the state charged him, Will B. Done and his wife Patience are the victims of harassment when a vandal threatens their peace through a series of attacks. In addition to this outside threat, inner conflicts test the strength of their marriage bond: Will struggles with a need to contribute more to the household’s finances and to understand why someone had set him up. Thoughts taunt Patience with resentment for her siblings because of their lack of support for Ernest, their sick and aging father who can no longer live alone and moves in with Will and Patience. Moreover, her now adult son, Rock, grieves for a connection with My Baby’s Father, Rock’s birth parent who has been missing from his life since he was eight years old. Behold the Bond promises to touch a place in your heart and cause you to examine the quality of your relationships with family, friends, associates, and God and, if they fall short, to align them with the Word of God


***Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh is out of print.***


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Patricia Jackson (Go Get Your Life Back and God Never Wastes a Struggle)

Brenda D. Malloy (The Finish Line)

Kimberly Hart (Permission to Win)

Theresa A. King (Kingme a Winner: From Wishing to Having)

Velma Rogers Brooks (Truth? Shhh…. Folk Don’t Wanna Know the Truth)

Michelle Rae (Shattered Depths)

Diane Williams (Joy In The Morning)

Joseph Bryan (The Apostles’ Doctrine)

Karen Hill Allen (NO Is Not a Four-Letter Word)

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May God bless you as you seek Christian literature

based upon sound doctrine from the Word of God.

B. Graham Simpson

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