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B. Graham Simpson’s spiritual gift is that of a teacher, according to Romans 12. Within her local church, she has gone through a rigorous Lay Teacher course of study called “Teaching from Gift to Practice.” As a result, she has taught many Noon Day Services and adult and children’s Church School classes. Having a degree in English with a minor in education, she has taught in the Washington, D.C. as well as the Charles County Public School Systems. She is a regular invited teacher for the Baptist Education Congress of the District of Columbia and Vicinity, and for The Radiance Group International’s Go Get Your Life Clinics. She has also conducted workshops for the Alpha Beta State Organization, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Annual Society; The Life Changing Church in Suitland, MD; and Greater Lighthouse Church in Lanham, MD.

B. Graham Simpson offers three workshops, which can help members in your Church or Organization gain confidence in their writing ability so they can take their books all the way from idea to a published works.

The world says, those who can’t “do” teach.

I say, those whom the Lord has given the gift of teaching can’t help but to teach.

–B. Graham Simpson

I. BOOKBirth 2019 Writing Workshop

Through lecture and exciting workshop activities, BOOKBirth 2019 Writing Workshop will cover some of the basics of writing your book and getting it edited and published with an emphasis on writing “your story.”

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES:  Workshop participants will learn fundamentals of and perform activities for:

  1. Imagining Oneself as an Author
  2. Getting the Idea and Title for Your Books
  3. Preparing and Planning to Write
  4. Performing the Actual Writing
  5. Turning Your Manuscripts over to an Editor and/or Publisher
  6. Presenting Your Finished, Published Work to the Public

WORKSHOP TAKE-AWAY:  A commitment to start and finish writing your books.
Requires a minimum of 10 Participants; each must purchase a Workbook.

II. Your Personal Vision Statement

“Sometimes, when we hesitate to do something different or pursue our dreams, we can become ‘stagnant’ and may miss opportunities to fulfill our purpose.”

–B. Graham Simpson

Through lecture and exciting workshop activities, Your Personal Vision Statement Workshop will cover the basics of writing a vision statement and remind you of the importance of having a vision and writing a vision statement.

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES:  Workshop participants will be able to:

  1. State What a Vision Statement Is Not
  2. State What a Vision Statement Is
  3. Understand the Importance of Having a Vision and Writing a Vision Statement
  4. Begin to Write Their Personal Vision Statements

WORKSHOP TAKE-AWAY:  A clear Foresight about, Insight into, Oversight of the direction they, their business or their ministry is headed.
Requires a minimum of 10 Participants. Freewill offering.

III. How to Self-Publish Your Book

Through lecture and exciting workshop activities, How to Self-Publish Your Book Workshop will cover the basics of self-publishing.

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES: Workshop participants will be able to state:

  1. What Publishing is
  2. What Self-Publishing is
  3. How to Self-Publish a Book
    1. Prepare to Write Your Book
    2. Write Your Book
    3. Get Your Book Edited
    4. Get Your Book Formatted
    5. Get a Designer to Do a Professional Cover
    6. Get Your Book Printed

WORKSHOP TAKE-AWAY:  An ability to self-publish excellent books.
Requires a minimum of 10 Participants; each must purchase a Workbook.

IV. How to Write About Your Personal Struggle



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Play the audio below and listen to an excerpt from a lesson B. Graham Simpson taught on “Being Excellent by Avoiding Stagnation.”

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