1915Help writers in your church gain confidence in their writing ability so they can take their books all the way from idea to a published works.

“Sometimes, when we hesitate to do something different or pursue our dreams, we can become ‘stagnant’ and may miss opportunities to fulfill our purpose.”

Through lecture and exciting workshop activities, BOOKBirth 2018 Writing Workshop will cover some of the basics of writing your book and getting it edited and published.

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“Behold Ye Writers for the Lord” Supplemental Writing Workbook will be distributed at the Writing Workshop.


Instructor: B. Graham Simpson, Editor-in-Chief, Author, and Publisher

WORKSHOP PURPOSE: To teach some of the basics of writing and publishing a non-fiction book with an emphasis on writing “your story.”

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES:  Workshop participants will learn fundamentals of and perform activities for:

  1. Imagining Oneself as an Author
  2. Getting the Idea and Title for Your Books
  3. Preparing and Planning to Write
  4. Performing the Actual Writing
  5. Turning Your Manuscripts over to an Editor and/or Publisher
  6. Presenting Your Finished, Published Work to the Public

WORKSHOP TAKE-AWAY:  A commitment to start and finish writing your books.

To check B. Graham Simpson’s availability to conduct a workshop, churches in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Area (Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia) or other locations, click here.

Click here to see a slide presentation, “How to Write a Non-fiction Book,” on YouTube.

pexels-photo-164960.jpegPlay the audio below and listen to an excerpt from a lesson B. Graham Simpson taught on “Being Excellent by Avoiding Stagnation.”

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