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Front Cover lo-res“Publisher and Author Bunni Graham Simpson of Behold Writers was a God-send in helping me with my book. I am a first-time author, knowing nothing about what to expect in writing a book. She coached me along the way, held me accountable to the committed timeframes, so that we would have a final product by my deadline. Ms. Simpson was very responsive—never was there a time she was unavailable and was always very professional. I also found her to be very patient. Admittedly, I continued to provide edits well after the final edits were made. She had to reign me in but did so in a way I could appreciate. I have and will continue to recommend her services to anyone who endeavors to write a book.”  —Karen Hill Allen, Author of NO Is Not A Four-Letter Word

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“Bunni [B. Graham] Simpson is a five-star publisher with affordable prices. If you are an author or desire to be one, I highly recommend that you try Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services. You will not be disappointed.” Sincerely…  —Joseph Bryan, Senior Pastor, Greater Lighthouse Church, Lanham, MD 

Back Cover-Lo Res“I met (B. Graham) Simpson a little over a year ago. I was referred by a client of hers who is an author, Patricia Jackson. When I first met Bunni, she was direct and to the point …. I found her to be quite organized, and she planned out a strategy to help me get my book published within my timeframe. She is also very professional and business-like, and her prices are reasonable. She has the mind and knowhow to help you do what’s needed to get your book published. I would recommend her and her services to any author, whether they are writing their first, second, third, or eighth book. In fact, I am completing my second book, and I will use her services again. And let’s face it, if I had not been pleased the first time, I would not go back to her. I feel like we are a team. I have found a publisher that meets my needs. I highly recommend Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services.” —Elder Brenda D. Malloy, author of The Finish Line

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Author B. Graham Simpson assisted me with self-publishing my first poetry book, Shattered Depths.  Ms. Simpson is very professional, creative and understanding.  She is very responsive to requests and open with communication.  Ms. Simpson outlined a detailed production scheduled that was only altered based on my request for adjustments.  Ms. Simpson offered her insight [into] my writing based on her experience as a writer and editor, and her point of view allowed me to consider different perspectives as I prepared to self-publish.  I strongly and highly recommend Ms. Simpson to anyone wishing to self-publish!!
Ms. Simpson, thank you very much for helping my dream come true!! —Michelle Rae, Author of Shattered Depths

Behold the Bond

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“Once you pick up Mrs. [Simpson]’s book, “Behold the Bond,” you won’t be able to put it down. She tells a story that keeps the reader in suspense to the very end.  This book is a continuation of her allegory, “Behold the State I’m In.”  You don’t have to read the first book, since she provides a list of characters and their relationships to Patience-Temperance in this book and brief mention of events from “Behold the State I’m In.” But I would encourage you to read all her books.  Anyone raised in a family, especially one that has faced alienation and reconciliation, can relate to Patience-Temperance and her family.”  —Donna M. (Reader from Washington State

Simpson featured in The Washington Post, Prince George’s County edition, Thursday, October 6, 2005. Click here to read.

Author and ETea's Owner
Simpson and Tolson

Thank you, Eileen Tolson, Owner of ETea Catering, LLC, for your sparkling letter regarding my reading at your recent afternoon tea. Ms. Tolson wrote:

To Whom It May Concern:

          I am writing to recommend the services of Mrs. B. Graham Simpson, Author of the “Behold” book series for literary readings at your upcoming event.  I recently solicited the services of Mrs. Simpson at a recent afternoon fall tea in Waldorf, Maryland, and she did a tremendous job.  The manner in which she displayed the literary readings from her “Behold” book series was spellbinding.  The audience was totally captivated by Mrs. Simpson’s presentation.  She didn’t just sit there and read passages from her books; she got into character and used different voices so that the audience could better visualize each one.  After the literary readings concluded, Mrs. Simpson engaged the guests with a question and answer session.  They were completely enthralled with the readings and enjoyed the interaction that precipitated from this portion of the afternoon tea.  As a result of Mrs. Simpson’s unique, professional, and over-the-top ability to present literary readings at a level that totally superseded the guests’ expectations, she was able to sell several copies from her “Behold” books series.  Those who were not prepared to pay that day have agreed to visit Mrs. Simpson’s web site so they can purchase her products at a later date.

I plan to utilize Mrs. B. Graham Simpson’s services at future teas and highly recommend her for your upcoming event. She is very talented, dynamic, and highly entertaining, and, soliciting her services, added a new dimension to my afternoon tea event.

Sincerely, Eileen C. Tolson, Owner, ETea Catering, LLC

If you would like B. Graham Simpson to read from her books at your next event, click here for information.

Below is a review of Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh, by Belinda Y. Ferrell, The Washington Informer Staff Writer.

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