Your manuscript will go through three phases of editing. First, I will read it for substance, looking to answer such questions as: Is there an idea, and have you developed that idea well? Does it flow well? Is the research documented? Next, I will give it a good “copy edit,” checking for errors in grammar, style, punctuation, capitalization, and so on. Finally, I will read it through for quality assurance. See the table in Service Costs for a list of editing services included in each package.

Designing the Inside Page Layout

When you open a book, all that you see beyond the cover is the page layout. It is how the publisher lays out, arranges, and distributes the book’s various parts. Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services will design the inside of your book in a professional page layout that will be inviting and appealing to your potential readers.

Designing the Cover

It is true—sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. A good cover design will entice readers to pick up the book and open it. The cover design includes the front cover and back cover, as well as the spine. The publisher, sometimes along with the author, will choose photographs or graphics that best illustrate and/or explain the content of the book or the title of the book. Often, the author’s photo appears on the back cover; therefore, I recommend to my clients to invest in good headshots of themselves and to use a professional photographer. Click Service Costs to compare our package prices with other collaborative publishers.

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“Let’s talk about your book.” –B. Graham Simpson

Click here to see a slide presentation, “How to Write a Non-fiction Book,” on YouTube.

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