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“… of making many books there is no end …. (Ecclesiastes 12:12)

From concept to end product, Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services, B. Graham Simpson, Publisher, can help take the worry and mystery out of self-publishing. Her company specializes in editing your manuscript, which many companies’ service packages do not include. Whether it’s developing your outline, laying out your text in an attractive format, choosing photos for and designing a professional-looking cover, selecting a printer, providing an ISBN, or all the above, Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services is the right collaborative publisher for you. You’ll be free to concentrate on the most important aspect of self-publishing your book—the writing.

Our prices are competitive, and what’s even more important, you’ll enjoy personal, face-to-face collaboration. One of our three Service Packages can fit any publishing need or budget. Printing costs are not included in the Service Packages, but in this age of the eBook, you’ll only need a small number of Print On Demand paper books.

For a free one-hour book publishing consultation, click here to contact B. Graham Simpson.

IMPORTANT: Authors who have finished writing their manuscripts are preferred clients; however, B. Graham Simpson will work with authors with unfinished manuscripts after an assessment to determine if they have good writing and time management skills.

“Let’s talk about your book.” –B. Graham Simpson



Click here to see a slide presentation, “How to Write a Non-fiction Book,” on YouTube.

Simpson to Be a Panelist at a "Local Author Expo"

I am pleased to have been chosen as a panelist on the topic of Marketing and Self-Publishing at a Maryland Local Author Expo to be held on April 25, 2020, 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., in Bowie, MD.

In addition to answering questions about marketing and self-publishing, I will be selling copies of the three books I submitted to the selection committee: Doing the “Write” Thing, Behold Ye Writers for the Lord, and Behold the State I’m In.

I am also elated that those books will be added to the County’s library’s collection so that those who are not able to purchase them will still be able to borrow them from the library. (Purchase Here)

Doing the “Write” Thing, Behold Ye Writers for the Lord, and Behold the State I’m In will be added to the County’s library collection.

“I give God all the glory and honor for what He has done and is doing in me and through me. Writers for the Lord keep stepping up to the plate and choosing my company’s services, and God continues to improve my gifts, talents, and abilities.”

–B. Graham Simpson

Gifts for Aspiring Writers (and a Bonus for You, Too)

Here’s an offer for all the aspiring writers you know.

Special Holiday Offer! Every 10th Buyer of
Doing the “WRITE” Thing OR Behold Ye Writers for the Lord
Will Receive a $15 VISA Gift Card.

Great Stocking-Stuffers for the Aspiring Writers You Know.

Offer begins November 27, 2019, and ends December 24, 2019. These books are non-returnable and non-refundable.
Only One Gift Card per Winning Purchase.

Click the image below to order. Thank you in advance!

Praying that you have the Merriest of Christmases this year and a write-happy 2020!

Publishing: My Purpose in God’s Strategic Will

Imagine this: A young woman from Manchester, Connecticut, writes a book. She prints out her manuscript and also copies it to a thumb drive. Not knowing what to do next with her literary creation, while attending Bishop T.D. Jakes Faith & Family Cruise, she hopes to talk to Bishop Jakes and get his advice, because the Bishop has written a myriad of books.

A few days into her vacation on the MS Nieuw Amsterdam, one of Holland America Lines’ ships, she decides to get some fresh air and sunshine on the ninth floor, the Lido Deck, by the indoor pool. The glass roof, now retracted, allows the clean, fresh sea air to bless her face and permitted the sunshine to baptize her as she stepped from the lavish food court onto the pool deck. This young woman from Manchester, Connecticut, then sees Bishop T.D. Jakes just beyond double rows of reclining, cushioned pool chairs talking to a few of his staff and/or family. What perfect timing, she must have thought, because only a few people are waiting to take cell-phone camera shots with him.

Meanwhile, after an early return to the ship from the port in Falmouth, Jamaica, my husband and I drop off our gear in our state room and head to the Lido Deck for a little reading and R&R. I brought along one of the Left Behind books from my collection, and my husband pulled out his Kindle. We, too, are surprised to see Bishop Jakes talking to some of the cruisers, but we decide not to bother him on his vacation (we later learned from him that he was not on vacation). We situate ourselves in pool chairs at the opposite end and side of the pool, but soon move to the side where the Bishop stood to get out of the shade into the sunshine.

Still not wanting to bother him, I decide to take a few cell phone pix of my husband, with the Bishop in the background. By this time, only one person is in line to pose with Bishop Jakes: the young woman from Manchester, Connecticut. I ask myself, “Why not get a picture?” Indeed, why not, was the answer, so I inform my husband, and he reluctantly agrees to join me.

A photo of my husband; Bishop Jakes just so happens to be in the background.

While waiting our turn, I hear bits and pieces of the young woman’s dilemma as Bishop Jakes patiently listens to her. It seems as if she talks at least five minutes. Then Bishop Jakes gives his input. He says to the woman, “The first thing you will need is a publisher.”

Well, my hand shot up like a first grader anxious to recite her ABC’s. “I’m a publisher!” I exclaim.

“Look at God!” the Bishop says.

I hand my cell phone to his grandson, who takes the picture, and afterward, I spend some time talking to my new prospective publishing client, who calls me her “miracle,” about her project.

Bishop Jakes so graciously consented to take a picture with us.

But wait, there’s more!

Rewind back up to paragraph three when we dropped off our gear in our room and decided to visit the Lido Deck for some R&R. Before heading straight to the pool, which was near the back (aft) of the ship, we thought we’d explore the front (fore or forward) end. We got so turned around and must have walked down the same hallways two or three times for at least 15 or 20 minutes. “Did we step into the twilight zone?” I said.

We asked a crewmember working in the spa for directions to the pool, and she sent us on a “wild goose chase.” Finally, a male crewmember escorted us to the pool as we passed the spa woman’s station. I was so upset with her, because she had sent us in the opposite direction we needed to go.

The true miracle (so to speak) was that the 15- to 20-minute detour put us at the right place and at the right time for the young woman from Manchester, Connecticut, and for my publishing business to meet. My husband suggested that I go and thank the woman in the spa.

Bottom line: Psalm 37:23-31; Romans 8:28

Cruise Take-away: Leverage what I have and be more strategic (from Bishop Jakes’ exhortations); enjoy more “fine” dining (the dining room food and service were outstanding); attend more topnotch entertainment events (such as were on the cruise—Jonathan Butler, Kenny Lattimore, Step One Dance Company Humanity); and never ever disdain traffic jams again (God orders our steps).

Thank you, Bishop Jakes and Family! The cruise was a blessing!

My New Writers’ Journal: Doing the “Write” Thing

I am excited to introduce my newest offering, Doing the “Write” Thing, A Scripture-Filled, 26-Week Journal to Kickstart Your Writing

Doing the “Write” Thing will give you opportunities to stretch your “writing muscles.” Each week, I will assign a task that will get you in the habit of writing every day and create for you material to expand your writing project through self-examination, research, and/or interviews. With its weekly exhortations and Scriptures, this journal will also inspire you to keep writing. The intent is that after six months, 26 weeks, of writing, interviewing, and research, you will develop the confidence you need to become a published author. The methods I use have worked for my clients’ and me, and if employed diligently, can give you the push you may need to start—and finish—writing your book.

You may also order a copy below. Shipping is included in price, and please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Doing the “Write” Thing

Behold Writers Journal


Our Heavenly Father is the Father of “the Word.” By His Word, He created us, His Children, in His image, and we use words every day, whether spoken or written. And since Jesus Himself is the Author and Finisher of our faith, we can be “writers for the Lord,” created to minister to His people. I pray that this journal will help you realize your dream.

B. Graham Simpson

The Write Women Book Fest: More Than About Just Selling Books

It was about meeting other women authors, networking, and making valuable contacts.

That about says it all, except that on the 21st of September 2019, the weather was warm and sunny–a beautiful pre-Autumn day at the Marietta House Museum in Glen Dale, MD. Book Fest organizers were on the ball, and even though this was their inaugural event, from where I sat, everything ran smoothly.

From my table, this was the back half of the tent.

Something was always happening in the background: from some of the more than 40 authors reading or reciting from their books, to jazz and classical artists playing their musical selections. I have no complaints about book sales and am extremely pleased about the prospective clients I met.

My husband and I arrived early to set up and check out the lay of the land. He wore his new sport shirt, which displayed the name of my company, Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services. We left around 3:30 p.m., early (or late) enough to grab a caramel Frappuccino to enjoy on the way home.

From their website: “The Write Women is a book festival created specifically for women writers. The festival welcomes all literary organizations that are either woman run, or woman inclusive. The festival is created to be diverse and welcoming to underrepresented groups.”

I hope to do it again next year! –B. Graham Simpson

“Get Paid For Your Pain” (#GetPaidForYourPain) — What Does That Mean?

Getting paid for your pain, or making your pain pay you, is not a new concept. In fact, I first heard the phrase, “make your pain pay you,” at one of Pastor Patricia Jackson’s Go Get Your Life Conferences a few years ago as an exhortation from her guest speaker Bishop Corletta Vaughn.

The appeal “make your pain pay you” can mean different things depending on how you hear it. To some, it could signify getting revenge. Those of us who have lived a little while may remember James Brown’s song, “The Payback,” in the early 1970s. In it, the subject required “the big payback,” or revenge, to satisfy all wrong that another or others had inflicted upon him. As Christians, we know revenge belongs to the Lord.

To get paid for your pain can also be the positive result of facing the truth about your situation or what you have endured. A ten-fold reward comes from facing the truth of your pain: 1) It makes you compassionate. 2) It makes you wiser. 3) It makes you cherish your relationships. 4) It makes you stronger. 5) It makes you re-evaluate your life. 6) It can be a major source of inspiration. 7) Your love becomes stronger. 8) It makes you fight for happiness. 9) It makes you more spiritual. 10) Your scars make you beautiful. (https://thoughtcatalog.com/rania-naim/2016/04/10-reasons-why-pain-makes-you-a-better-person/)

Thirdly, simply stated, getting paid for your pain can mean that those of us whom life has smacked around a few times can write about what has hurt us, get our stories published, and reap the benefits and rewards thereof. So, what are the benefits/rewards? One, and people who keep a journal can attest to this, when you put it on paper, that is, get those painful thoughts out of your head and onto paper, you think about them less often. The video of the incident(s) can finally stop playing in your head, and those memories can start to fade. And two, once my company publishes your story, you receive financial payment from the sale of books. So, you get paid, and someone else can benefit or be encouraged because of what you went through and how you overcame it. It’s a win-win all the way around!

So, how do you get started? Click here to check out my next writing workshop. It’s called, “BOOKBirth 2020.” This workshop will teach you a simple method to formulate your writing outline so you can easily start and finish your manuscript. You will also learn about the publishing process.

Let’s Talk About YOUR Book.
~ B. Graham Simpson