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From concept to end product, Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services, B. Graham Simpson, Publisher, can help take the worry and mystery out of self-publishing. Her company specializes in editing your manuscript, which many companies’ service packages do not include. Whether it’s developing your outline, laying out your text in an attractive format, choosing photos for and designing a professional-looking cover, selecting a printer, providing an ISBN, or all the above, Behold Writers Editing & Publishing Services is the right collaborative publisher for you. You’ll be free to concentrate on the most important aspect of self-publishing your book—the writing.

Our prices are competitive, and what’s even more important, you’ll enjoy personal, face-to-face collaboration. One of our three Service Packages can fit any publishing need or budget. Printing costs are not included in the Service Packages, but in this age of the eBook, you’ll only need a small number of Print On Demand paper books.

For a free one-hour book publishing consultation, click here to contact B. Graham Simpson.

IMPORTANT: Authors who have finished writing their manuscripts are preferred clients; however, B. Graham Simpson will work with authors with unfinished manuscripts after an assessment to determine if they have good writing and time management skills.

“Let’s talk about your book.” –B. Graham Simpson



Click here to see a slide presentation, “How to Write a Non-fiction Book,” on YouTube.